Nature's Wish
Stand #: C6
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The power of flower essences to aid wellbeing, natures natural & organic products to restore balance. Full product range care.

Amy at Nature’s Wish has created a range of essences to help bring you back to a state of balance. They are made from the energy of flowers, trees, crystals and environments. Essences are wonderful to help you deal with emotional states that we find ourselves in, such as anxiety, depression, grief, anger, impatience etc. They are a great support when you are facing situations that are causing you distress.

The essences have also been combined into other products; energy sprays, face oils, body oils and roll ons, to enable you to get them into your energetic system in other ways.

The sprays are fabulous to use when meditating. They provide a stopping moment, as you inhale the beautiful essential oil blends, preparing yourself to meditate. All the products are made with natural ingredients and organic where possible.

Based in Hampshire, Amy collects the plants used from local walks, or grows them herself. She is passionate about wellbeing, and through her practice she combines essences, massage and flower essence therapy. She endeavours to create a space for the mind to be at rest, as this is key to our wellbeing. Essences are a gentle yet effective way to help to create that space.

Stand Location: C6
Country: United Kingdom