Sanatio Naturalis
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The Art of Aromatherapy, aiding wellbeing and mediatation pure ingrediants.

The holistic beauty secrets of plants have been passed from generation to generation. The ancient Greeks shared them, inspiring our Latin name, Sanatio Naturalis, the healing power of nature.

Aromatherapy uses essential plant oils to assist the body’s natural ability to balance, heal and maintain itself. Nourishing and revitalizing the skin, the body and the spirit. At Sanatio Naturalis we love the plants. Our quest starts with the raw materials, their outstanding therapeutic efficiency and depth of fragrance.

At Sanatio Naturalis we place the greatest importance on the origins of our product. We work directly with the local farmers and artisan distillers, carefully ensuring that our customers only enjoy the very finest essential oils. This, we believe is the secret of our success.

Pure, Natural and Therapeutic Essential Oils for the Skin, Body and Mind. Perfect for you to enjoy a mindful aromatherapy moment. A holistic and complete experience.

Sanatio Naturalis are pure, natural therapeutic aroma-care products with sensuous scents to nourish the skin and uplift the spirits. Slow down, take five minutes, mindfully breathe in essential oils, which can make you feel calmer and happier, and breeze through the day.

Try putting a drop on a tissue and inhaling for about five minutes. Eyes closed, simply focus on discovering everything about the clear, unadulterated fragrance. This mindfulness technique is great to centre and ground. For those really anxious days, frankincense is comforting and geranium can ease worry. Just add a couple of drops of each essential oil plus Roman chamomile into the bath to help relax, calm and steady the nerves.

Stand Location: C7
Country: United Kingdom