We all know that winding down from a busy day is an important step in preparing for restful sleep.  But have you considered how creating a calm environment and giving space for your child to reflect on their day, can not only help to support their emotional and mental health, but can also strengthen your relationship with your child?

We can often find ourselves caught up in the busy-ness of our days, racing from one thing to the next, trying to cram in all of the possibilities that surround us.  As a mum of three children, and someone who naturally lives at a fast and energetic pace, it’s hard not to head towards bedtime like some kind of ribbon at the end of a running race.   

Creating a quiet and calm environment can have a positive impact on the bedtime experiences for both parents and children, as it allows the brain to begin to wind down from all of the stimulation of our everyday surroundings.  It is at this point that a child is likely to start reflecting on their day.  

Giving a child the opportunity to off load anything they wish to share about their day quite literally lightens their load, which in turn will help them to have a more restful and peaceful night’s sleep.  Creating a safe space for the asking of questions, and the telling of stories, reinforces to the child that their thoughts and feelings are valid and worthy of being listened to.  Creating a supportive environment where your child knows they can tell you anything, ask you questions, celebrate their achievements and share their worries, is key to building and maintaining their trust in you.

Building these foundations also means that at difficult or challenging times in a child’s life (birth of a new sibling, moving house, starting school or experiencing bereavement to name but a few), you already have a familiar process in place that can be used to help support your child as you navigate these times of change.

As the creator of Bedtime Box, I am delighted to share with you a tool to help create a safe and nurturing space; to facilitate the sharing of stories and to foster an environment of warmth, love and compassion – because surely every child deserves to end their day feeling this way.

Bedtime Box is making its UK launch at the show, with a stand in the sleep section, and a live introduction to the product in the mindful minis area on Saturday at 2.50 – 3.20.

By Liz Raba Founder of Bedtime Box