Back Preparing your sleep for clock changes & seasonal changes

How can you actually prepare your body for the transition?

Most people only respond to the change in this shift of timings once it actually happened on Sunday... But of course you wouldn't have adjusted, just because the clock is. Your mind and your body will still think of and follow your previous routines. This usually results in tiredness the week after the clock changes.

The way you prepare ahead of time is by adjusting your bedtime gradually. If you go to bed earlier every day for the few days leading up to the clock change (let's say 10 mins earlier each day over 6 days), your body will get used to the gradual change and leave you more energised every day.

Give it a go and see the difference - especially is you are already sleep deprived.

Adjust your eating and drinking habits

Your sleeping pattern links to your eating and drinking habits. Think of choice of food and liquids as either fuel for the body or stressor to keep you lagging behind tired.

Shift your current evening routines early

The biggest challenge with any change with your sleep pattern is actually readjusting to a new routine. This is very similar to the jet leg scenario.

This weekend will corner us into having to change our sleep pattern, most of us can’t escape it because the world will be guided by the globally set times, therefore forcing us to change our natural ‘summer’ patterns.

Even if you don’t consciously have an evening pattern, your body would have adjusted to your lifestyle and designed on linking to everything you do during the day. We've looked at eating and drinking habits so let’s continue with the evening routines that help us to transition from day to night, from being awake to sleeping.

How can you tweak your evening routines so you can adjust to the new times easier? What is your current evening routine? Can you spot regular activities that help you with your sleep? What else can you add or take away that will make this transition easier?

Design your clutter free morning

Do you every wake up tired in the morning and then end up running late leaving your home?

Those precious mornings… that mean so much to us. The moment we open our eyes, we are ready to get going, tick things off our to-do-list, conquer the world and turn our goals into reality! But so many people squeeze way too much into their day which end up setting them up for rushing around and being behind.

I am sure you can relate to one of those mornings as well. When you just seem to be running behind even if you cannot explain why. Being energised is a great way to set you up for the day.

From today onwards, stop filling your first 30-60 minutes of the day with meaningless tasks or way too many tasks that exhaust you even more before you even get dresses and rush out of the house. Find ways to wake up both mentally and physically first.

Deal with your emotions during the day

What emotions rise when you are tired and sleepy?

Being tired and sleepy always raise emotions. Remember the last time you were grumpy as a result of not sleeping enough quality hours of sleep…

Changing our habits and routines equally can trigger unexpected emotions that will play havoc with our evenings and keep us awake and tossing and turning in bed. This time of the year can be a trigger for a lot of the people because suddenly your body tends to be forced to sleep differently.

Ahead of changing the clocks back in Europe tomorrow night or Sunday morning, look over this advice and I am sure you will be able to see the difference in how you feel next week (only if you have done something about it of course, and reading doesn't count by the way)!

By Beatrix A Schmidt

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