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Liz Raba MA, PGdip, BA(Hons) has worked for the past 20 years as a storyteller, theatre director, dramatherapist and creativity consultant.

"My twin boys were about 18 months old, when bath time and bedtime turned into some kind of circus act. As I tried to juggle drying, dressing, cleaning teeth, getting them into bed and keeping them calm enough to actually listen to a bedtime story, they gathered momentum, and with each other as a very appreciating audience, our calm and gentle bedtimes had been disrupted.

This is when the very first BEDTIME BOX was created.

Aston and Miles are now 12, my daughter Millie is 6, and Bedtime Box has been through many different variations to support them at all different stages of their lives. It was there when Millie was born, to support the boys as our family dynamic changed, it was there when we moved house, to represent some stability in times of change, and as my boys approach their adolescent years it will be there to remind them of the importance of winding down from their day, in a creative, thoughtful and nurturing way.

BEDTIME BOX has changed many times since its first outing as a Winnie the Pooh cardboard box, with a puzzle, a book and a fluffy sock puppet inside, but its ethos is the same… taking the time and creating the space to make connections with our children at bedtime. I look forward to sharing this product with you…"

Liz’s unique skill set combines her years of experience in facilitation, storytelling, therapy and education. Through her work with children, young people and families, Liz has developed a model of working which supports the individual, nurtures the family and encourages thoughtful communication, creativity and wellbeing.

Bedtime Box is both a product and an ideology that invites you to create a nurturing experience for your family. A way to reflect on your day and prepare for restful sleep.

This brand new product that has been created to bring thoughtfulness, creativity and storytelling techniques aimed at families with children aged 2 to 10 years.

Bedtime Box can be used to compliment your existing bedtime rituals, to encourage a new approach to bedtimes and to help support your family at times of change and transition.

Come and join Liz and her children as they bring the world of Bedtime Box to life…

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