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Link Nutrition’s range of natural Food Based™ supplements combine vitamins, minerals, mushrooms and herbal ingredients to create products that are safe, effective, and absorbable. Their belief that Food Based™ is best, rests on the fact that Food Based™ nutrients are not isolated but are rather delivered to the body in a matrix of naturally occurring cofactors including glycoproteins, enzymes, carbohydrates and lipids. These components ensure effective delivery of nutrients to their site of action in the body.

Link Nutrition believe that what is left out is just as important as what goes in. A commitment to this means avoiding fillers, binders, and anticaking agents. By using capsules instead of tablets, they avoid the need for binders and coating agents.

Link Nutrition’s products include a range of boosts designed to deliver a concentrated dose of a nutrient or nutrient group, and complexes, which aim to solve a specific need. Link Nutrition boost the effectiveness of several of their products with mushrooms, in place of conventional fillers. Depending on the product, chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane or reishi mushroom is used to deliver additional benefits.

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Country: United Kingdom