National Tea Day
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Here at National Tea Day we’re reigniting Britain’s passion for tea, one cup at a time! We want people to know just what their brew can do, to make sure we’re all using tea to its true potential. With its countless health benefits, including aiding sleep, digestion and concentration, it can not only a great addition to your diet, but beauty routine and day to day life too.
With our events like FesTeaVal, social media and trade connections, we’re advocates for the Tea Revolution that’s happening up and down the country. Tea is so much more than milk and two sugars, and we’re encouraged to see businesses and consumers embracing this mentality too. We want people drinking better quality tea and more of it, as well as meeting up and putting the kettle on with friends and family. Tea’s established role in British society make it a fantastic social enabler, as well as providing time for yourself too- ultimately benefiting both our physical, mental and social wellbeing!

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Country: United Kingdom