Amy Murphy Watts
Nature's Wish

Inspired by the profound effects that essential oils and flower essences can have on a person's well-being, Amy Murphy-Watts founded Nature's Wish in Hampshire in 2010. She began by developing a range of essences that work in harmony with your mental and emotional well-being.

Nature's Wish is an award winning wellbeing and skincare company. Each product is made in small batches and the essences are made from plants grown in Amy's back garden or gathered on walks.

Amy is passionate about flower essences and their remarkable ability to be absorbed into your energetic system, as such she only uses natural and organic ingredients.

Amy also holds well-being days in which you can experience using the essences, and learning how to help break unwanted patterns of behaviour and destructive thought patterns. She has now branched into a ranch of herbal tea to compliment the essences, bringing you Peace and Tranquility in many ways.

You can find Nature's Wish products on line or in retails outlets throughout the country, along with spas in Hampshire.

Sleep Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019
Time 12:00-12:30

"The wonders of nature for sleep and wellbeing"

Find out how using essences, breathing techniques and visualisation can help to tackle stress and anxiety for better sleep and wellbeing. Tapping into the wonders of nature through essences giving us a profound sense of connection to ourselves, allowing us to deal with stress and bring us back to a place of balance.