Natalie Pennicotte-Collier
Resident Sleep Expert HYPNOS & Performance Wellbeing MindCoach, Clinical Therapist

Welcome to Performance Wellbeing.

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier is a Performance Wellbeing mind coach, expert sleep therapist MBCT and clinical hypnotherapist specialising in Sleep & Recovery. 

One of the leading lights in the sleep & wellbeing world, Natalie is obsessed with helping humans into their full potential, illuminating evidence based Sleep Wellbeing & recovery strategies. Pioneering an integrative approach to recovery 24/7 at the very heart of her work.

Proudly appointed the Resident Sleep Expert for Royal Warrant Hypnos beds.

Her elite athlete recovery method was profiled in The Sunday Times Sept 18 “How to train like a pro” and Natalie is on the Mental Health & wellbeing committee campaign for SnowSport England and known as The Mindcoach retained by Elite athletes and high performance organisations. 

As well as helping thousands of people recover from Insomnia & mental health challenge’s, Natalie works with high performance organisations and is the UK Lead for FrontLine MIND.

Natalie is a regular speaker in the field of human centred leadership, emotion mastery, organisational culture and mental wellbeing.

Passionate about evidence based mindfulness MBCT & Headlining expert Sleep & Recovery talks, hosting Insomnia Workshops and 1-2-1 Clinic days supporting clients in overcoming insomnia and getting back to living their lives in full at her Bond St Clinic,

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 15th March 2019

Time 10:30-11:10am

"Sleep 2.0"

Discover how you can optimise your wellbeing through the Power of Sleep, Rest & Recovery. 

Reimagine your relationship and respect for sleep with this inspiring talk and understand the best strategies for a new Mind Body approach to Sleep Wellbeing.

Over the past decade Natalie has been illuminating and simplifying the best strategies for an embodied approach to recovery 24/7. Performance Wellbeing available for us all…