Sleep Expert, Author of The Good Sleep Guide & Chartered Physiotherapist
Sleep Expert

Sammy Margo qualified as Chartered Physiotherapist in 1988 started her dream career in the NHS whilst becoming England’s first female Physiotherapist to work in professional football at Barnet Football Club.

After finishing a Masters in Physiotherapy she then worked as a Physiotherapist in France, USA and Japan with professional sports men including judo, skiing, athletics and basketball.

She then returned to the UK 20 years ago to establish her Physiotherapy, Pilates and Sleep Practice in North West London where 10 physiotherapists are now based.

Sammy developed an interest in sleep and recognizes its impact on everything including performance and healing times. She wrote The Good Sleep Guide and The Good Sleep Guide for Kids both of which are densely packed with practical tips to get a good night’s sleep.

Sammy is actively involved in the media as a spokesperson for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and a Sleep Expert and appears frequently on radio and television as well as in newspapers including the Daily Mail and magazines whilst maintaining her clinical input.

With her husband Paul she has created a brand called which advises and sells all things for a good night’s sleep. Products are available on QVC, Argos and BHS and she is hoping to take the brand global.

Sleep Show Presentation 1

Friday 15th March 2019

Time 13:20-13:50pm

"Beauty Sleep-Is this a Real Thing?"

This talk is densely packed with lots of information to help you understand how to get the best rest, recovery and repair whilst you sleep.

Sleep Show Presentation 2

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 10:30-11:10am

"How to get the Best Night's Sleep"

This talk will give you plenty of useful tips to get a better night's sleep based on the latest thinking and research.