Sarah Salmon
Brilliant Beings

With Brilliant Beings I have been offering children opportunities to experience how mindful movement, breath, sensory exploration and relaxation can bring an inner sense of calm and balanced wellbeing since 2013. 

Whilst so many children enjoy and feel the benefit of more traditional practices such as yoga and meditation, some are resistant to them and parents have asked me how to engage their children with mindfulness in these cases. Having used photography for my own enjoyment and, as I know recognise, wellbeing since my childhood I more recently became aware of its uses in helping children (and adults) to engage with their present moment.

When we take a moment to feel our feet on the floor, to notice our breathing and the feeling of the air on our skin we become present in the magical now. When we start to look around our environment from this place, rather than from a ‘thinking’ place, we see differently; we are more likely to notice the delightful, the curious and the wonderful, which can inspire and uplift us, elevating our wellbeing and diverting our attention away from our, sometimes, unsettling thoughts.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 11:20-11:50am

"Family Mindful Photography Taster Workshop"

Sarah welcomes you and your family, along with your mobile device camera to explore simple photography as a joyful tool to noticing the curious and wonderful sights of your present moment.