Vicki Dawson
CEO and Founder
The Children’s Sleep Charity

Vicki Dawson is CEO and Founder of The Children’s Sleep Charity.  Her background is in teaching and she specialised in working with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.  During her teaching career Vicki held several positions including Deputy Head Teacher and advisory teacher. 

Her interest in sleep came through personal experience of being a mother and suffering chronic sleep deprivation.  She trained as a Sleep Practitioner over 12 years ago and has supported thousands of families to get a better night’s sleep by using a behavioural approach.  In 2012 she set up the charity and was awarded the Duke of York Community Initiatives Outstanding Leadership Award in 2017.  The charity has recently won the Foundation for Social Improvement Award ‘Small Charity, Big Impact’. 

Vicki is on the Board of the British Paediatric Sleep Association as well as a number of research groups.  She is a member of the British Sleep Society and is currently campaigning to improve national awareness around the importance of sleep.

Sleep Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 14:40-15:10pm

"Can’t Sleep: Won’t Sleep"

Key advice for parents on how to help their children sleep and tackle the common issues preventing families get good rest.